Driven by Vision Video Series
Working with my video producer Scott Wilson, we concepted a series of videos featuring stand-out employees making a difference in their field of expertise. These videos would be used in social media for promotion and in HR for recruiting. 
Honeywell Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Partnership Video
Researched and sourced local video team in the Kingdom. Educated them on Honeywell brand standards for video and voice and tone. Wrote and delivered creative brief. Reviewed storyboard and video rounds, managed internal client, assisted with leadership logistics working with the local marcom leader. 
Honeywell Captuvo Product Launch Videos
Working with my on-staff photographer and video producer, we shot b-roll and stills at OHSU in Portland, Oregon. Interviews and VO's, motion graphics were all done in our studio in Everett, Washington. Videos and stills were used in social media, website landing pages, digital and print ads for the product launch.
Honeywell Transportation & Logistics Promotional Video
This video was used to bring awareness to the Transportation & Logistics industries that Honeywell has products and holistic solutions that save them time and money. B-roll was shot in various warehouse locations. We used text only so the video could be localized globally at minimal cost.
CN51 Product Launch Video
Goal for this launch video was to show all the different features of the software and how durable the hardware devise is. We concepted "Versatility Speaks for Itself" for the campaign theme. The video was used in social media, trade show display, and micro-site.
CN51 Interactive Website Feature
Developed an interactive feature section on the CN51 product launch website where depending on what icon you clicked, the device would animate a feature of the new product. I worked closely with the product design team to have 3D renderings of the product done for the animation team to put together. We included sound for an added interest and sophistication.
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