One of My Passions 
Developing a logo or a logo mark is just one part of developing a brand. I think because I enjoy getting to know people, I like to discover from clients "who" they want their brand to "be". It's complex, and sometimes who they think they should be just would not resonate with the audience they want to reach. It's my job to educate and guide my clients along logical paths where a brand emerges through the creative development process and will resonate with their target. 
I always start with black and white designs before moving forward with adding color. A logo has to look good in black and white, because even though we live in a digital world, at some point a logo will be used, copied or needed in BW. If it doesn't look good in BW then what is the point developing it further? It must look good in various form factors. This short-cuts the design development time as well.
These logos were all done as a part of agency work or freelance. I have lots more. If you care to see more, just ask.
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