Hello. Thank you for coming to my site. A little about myself; I am an award-winning, marketing-led creative. I excel at delivering innovative creative strategies, campaigns and brands that deliver results at a global and regional level. 
Passionate about inspiring and coaching people, I create teams that don't just get the job done, but forges new frontiers and exposes new opportunities. And, I don’t just get teams together; I dig in and handle my own projects too. I love collaborating with marketing and product teams as well as cross-functional teams.
I've worked in leadership roles both in-house and in agency settings. I love both.
Customers, peers and vendors describe me as positive, focused with outstanding communication skills and a high degree of integrity, business ethics and of course, creativity.
My skills and competencies are broad. I'm Windows and Mac proficient; have all the Adobe suite of tools and know how to use them like a pro. I'm left and right brained so I can pivot from knocking out great creative to punching out an Excel spreadsheet for leadership on the fly.
I live in the Seattle, Washington area, (on an island actually, known for it's fine arts community), with my husband, two obnoxious bull terriers and one laid-back cat who keeps the knuckle-heads in place.

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